Mortgage lending test: Interhyp winner of 16 providers


In the construction financing test, the DISQ has chosen the “best direct mortgage lender 2013”. Based on the experience of the testers, for example, in terms of a competent and fast e-mail processing and very good telephone consultation, the title went back to the Interhyp. Since the company is also one of the providers with the best terms, the company is in the lead in the overall comparison. In terms of “conditions,” the provider scored 71.6 out of 100 possible points and is on par with 1822 Direkt and Comdirect. The service achieved the Interhyp 84.8 points. DTW real estate financing reaches second place, Dr. Ing. Klein and Accedo have also been given the rating “very good” in the service area.

Update 05. February 2014: Due to continued low-interest rates, the 2014 mortgage lending will remain attractive. Consumers will also be able to orientate themselves on the current test winners this year. But here, too, it is important to avoid pitfalls with good preparation, at best with the support of an expert.

Mortgage lending test also valid for 2014: Interhyp remains test winner

A total of 16 direct mortgage lenders were tested on the DISQ construction financing test 2013. Above all, it is pleasing that none of the companies failed in the test. However, two providers were only able to achieve the rating “sufficient” in the area of service. These are the construction money specialists and Fiba Immohyp. They finished with 58.8 and 45.9 out of 100 achievable points in 15th and 16th place respectively. Overall, however, the DISQ testers found that service quality was “overall good enough”. In particular, the Internet sites of the companies would have to be improved. Here is the industry average only of satisfactory quality.

Why the service is so important in mortgage lending

Why the service is so important in mortgage lending

High service quality is an important factor, especially for direct banks. Because while you can often clarify personally with the house bank urgent questions with a visit to the respective branch, this option does not exist with direct insurers. They do not run their own branch network and can often offer more favorable conditions for loans and financing thanks to the cost savings- Ticklekitchin. However, to ensure that questions and problems can be dealt with quickly and easily, good service is required, for example, by telephone, e-mail or the Internet. Since 2008, the DISQ has been conducting an annual construction financing test in the area of service for direct providers.

Mortgage Lending Test: Not only service critical

Those who are looking for a good mortgage lending should not rely on the service test of mortgage lenders. For one thing, only direct providers were tested here. Branch banks and providers also offer good real estate financing and also offer on-site advice. On the other hand, the service quality is very important. Mortgage lending, however, is a very big project. Even small differences in the terms can lead to price differences of several thousand euros due to the long term. The mortgage lending test can, therefore, be a good first orientation. But those who seriously want to tackle mortgage lending should compare different offers and take expert advice from an expert.

More news about mortgage lending

More news about mortgage lending

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