Brethren Against Violence invited people to come together in a stand AGAINST Violence at Warren’s Third Christian Church.

“We think if we show the kids, let’s try to show the young kids that we love them and we’re there for them and just need them to sit up and fly properly,” Barbara Murray said.

“Black or white, we can’t be divided if we unite, we stay united and maybe we can put a dent in it. We’re all about Jesus, hence Bikers for Jesus,” said Brick, a member of the group.

The co-founders who formed the group four years ago due to an outbreak of violence in the city. Since they formed the group, they have served breakfasts, organized barbecues and other fun events to help children participate in positive activities.

“We give the kids something to do, you know, instead of being out on the street doing something they shouldn’t be doing,” said co-founder Joseph Threats.

“We have people who really care about our kids in the city, and we really want them to stop this nonsense killing each other. Most of the guys who kill each other are friends,” the co-founder said. Gary McElroy.

He added that they grew up playing football together.

On this second annual bike ride, adults rode motorbikes, while teenagers and children rode bicycles or scooters. Some adults got into vehicles.

The bike ride took them from First Street to Main through downtown Warren and past a popular restaurant near where the latest homicide happened last week.

The Ministerial Alliance was meeting with the mayor, officials from a hospital and other community and religious leaders to discuss ways to help stop the cycle of violence committed by a group of multiple repeat offenders in an otherwise law-abiding city. .

“I’ve always said the first classroom is the home. I believe they play the most critical role of all, including legislators and politicians. It starts at home and ends at home” said Mayor Doug Franklin.

Mayor Franklin stressed that crimes will never be solved unless the people who know something speak up. He tells WFMJ News that people can call City Hall for an anonymous number and provide information, or they can call and speak with him or Security Service Director Eddie Colbert. It says you provide information and remain anonymous.

Drugs are believed to play a major role in the shootings and murders in Warren.