Mortgage lending test: Interhyp winner of 16 providers


In the construction financing test, the DISQ has chosen the “best direct mortgage lender 2013”. Based on the experience of the testers, for example, in terms of a competent and fast e-mail processing and very good telephone consultation, the title went back to the Interhyp. Since the company is also one of the providers with the best terms, the company is in the lead in the overall comparison. In terms of “conditions,” the provider scored 71.6 out of 100 possible points and is on par with 1822 Direkt and Comdirect. The service achieved the Interhyp 84.8 points. DTW real estate financing reaches second place, Dr. Ing. Klein and Accedo have also been given the rating “very good” in the service area.

Update 05. February 2014: Due to continued low-interest rates, the 2014 mortgage lending will remain attractive. Consumers will also be able to orientate themselves on the current test winners this year. But here, too, it is important to avoid pitfalls with good preparation, at best with the support of an expert.

Mortgage lending test also valid for 2014: Interhyp remains test winner

A total of 16 direct mortgage lenders were tested on the DISQ construction financing test 2013. Above all, it is pleasing that none of the companies failed in the test. However, two providers were only able to achieve the rating “sufficient” in the area of service. These are the construction money specialists and Fiba Immohyp. They finished with 58.8 and 45.9 out of 100 achievable points in 15th and 16th place respectively. Overall, however, the DISQ testers found that service quality was “overall good enough”. In particular, the Internet sites of the companies would have to be improved. Here is the industry average only of satisfactory quality.

Why the service is so important in mortgage lending

Why the service is so important in mortgage lending

High service quality is an important factor, especially for direct banks. Because while you can often clarify personally with the house bank urgent questions with a visit to the respective branch, this option does not exist with direct insurers. They do not run their own branch network and can often offer more favorable conditions for loans and financing thanks to the cost savings- Ticklekitchin. However, to ensure that questions and problems can be dealt with quickly and easily, good service is required, for example, by telephone, e-mail or the Internet. Since 2008, the DISQ has been conducting an annual construction financing test in the area of service for direct providers.

Mortgage Lending Test: Not only service critical

Those who are looking for a good mortgage lending should not rely on the service test of mortgage lenders. For one thing, only direct providers were tested here. Branch banks and providers also offer good real estate financing and also offer on-site advice. On the other hand, the service quality is very important. Mortgage lending, however, is a very big project. Even small differences in the terms can lead to price differences of several thousand euros due to the long term. The mortgage lending test can, therefore, be a good first orientation. But those who seriously want to tackle mortgage lending should compare different offers and take expert advice from an expert.

More news about mortgage lending

More news about mortgage lending

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Banks reimburse the state loses 12 billion

Twelve billion that pass under the nose of the state. As the Government drawer bottoms (see the previous page) to complete an impossible budget, that’s not lacking salt. In the wake of BNP Paribas, Societe Generale announced yesterday its intention to launch a bond issue of scale which should enable it to repay to the state the promised funds (3.4 billion euros) of the loudest subprime crisis, while the international financial system was shaking on its foundations. And those two should school. With the role of fall guy, the French state.

During the establishment of the bank rescue plan, no one disputed the imperative need to support financial institutions threatened with bankruptcy. Nevertheless, some were surprised that the authorities have not coined more dearly their forced generosity. “When he met at the Elysee bankers to pull out of the rut, Nicolas Sarkozy has called them one thing in return for massive state aid: they launch a major communication campaign at their own expense to reassure businesses and individuals on access to credit, “says a still stunned participant of the strange way the President to protect the public interest. Especially, at the time, the left demanded that the state becomes a shareholder with full banking and administrators up to their advice. Niet responded the government. In response to suspicions of “gifts to banks,” the Economy Minister Christine Lagarde had then insisted on earnings was going to remove the state of this operation: the payment of sumptuary interest (7.65% in the departure and up 14.8%) in exchange for its largesse, including some 20 billion euros in preference shares.

But then, the éclopées yesterday are again today queens of the financial world. The state, which had injected 5.1 billion euros in the capital of BNP Paribas, goes well recover its increased up 226 million euros of interest. Where the neophyte might applaud, the casual observer chokes. The preference shares will be redeemed at the issue price, ie based on the market price prevailing at the time of entry of the state in banks on March 31. Suffice to say the lowest. Since their side exploded stock exchange. “By entering the capital of BNP Paribas at the time the action was worth 27.24 euros in and out when it is 58.20, the government is deprived of a gain of 113%, therefore d a recipe of 5.8 billion euros! “rightly denounces the PS Chairman of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly, Didier Migaud.

For Societe Generale, profit 3.4 billion of aid, the calculation gives similar results: since March 31, the share price has gained 175%, bringing the shortfall to the State 6 billion.

The cost of Elysee’s financial incompetence thus amounts to 12 billion well. Minimum as agricultural and BPCE credit must still pay their dues. A windfall that was nevertheless very useful at a time when the budget hole is abysmal (140 billion euros for 2009). The attacking front, the weak defense: “The government does not speculation,” replied Christine Lagarde yesterday.

Meet Rev Bev

Reverend Beverly L. Marr has been serving our church for five years. This is a second career for her after she was called to the ministry in 1994. She worked in the insurance industry for over 30-years and was an in-plant print manager and graphics/forms management specialist.

Rev. Marr is married to Fred. They celebrate 38-years in 2015 (40-years if you count dating). They have two daughters, one son-in-law, and a grandson. Before the Marrs met and married, Beverly had released twins for adoption and God reunited them after 22-years. In total, Fred and Bev celebrate nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Rev. Marr graduated from Cleary University with a Bachelors in Business Administration, she graduated from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio with a Master’s of Divinity; she was commissioned in 2003 and Ordained an Elder in 2006 by the Detroit Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. Her first appointment was with Lincoln Community United Methodist Church in Ypsilanti, MI (2003-2010) and currently serves the First United Methodist Church of Durand, MI (2010- ).

Pastor Bev reports: “Some of my favorite ministry moments have been baptisms and communion; working on weekend events like Emmaus and Chrysalis; being a mentor to those who are discerning God’s call on their lives; helping families to move through the celebration of a loved one’s life with joy and laughter; and most precious are all the “ON-FIRE” disciples of Jesus Christ wherever I may serve. It is amazing the energy passionate disciples of Jesus Christ have to serve and serve and serve. . . I am truly grateful to God for placing me where He needed me and even though the struggles can seem overwhelming at times – oh, is there joy when God’s plan is finally revealed.”

We appreciate and celebrate all ordained ministers who serve our Lord and Savior. We invite you to come and meet our pastor!

Looking for an Ideal Gift


Buy a Gift Certificate from the church office or Pastor Bev for a specific upcoming church Fund Raiser event to give to someone! What better gift is that?!? The recipient & the church both receive gifts!


The First United Methodist Church of Durand participates in an ongoing fundraiser called SCRIPT. This is a program of buying cash cards from a business, a set percentage of the card’s value is given to our church. The amount donated varies according to the retailer. There are no fees or costs of any kind to those buying the cards. The cards are like the gift cards you may have purchased in the past. For example, you may have given an Applebee’s card or a Speedway gas card as a gift. They are simply a convenient, cash-free way of making purchases and donating to our church. For example, if you purchase a $25 Speedway gas card, you will pay $25 and you will get the full $25 to spend on gas.

The coordinators for this fundraiser are Laura Alderman and Carol Mose. They will take the orders and payment, tally the orders, and send them to the Great Lakes Script Center. Orders are filled the next day and will  be ready for you the following Sunday.

You may choose to place your order by filling out a form which you can obtain through Laura or Carol or you may place your order online. You can create your own account by following these steps:

  • Go online at
  • Family Sign-up- Create Account
  • Make up your own user name and password
  • Use Enrollment Code for our church: A724412L2144L
  • Place your order.

If you shop online, you can use a function called Presto-pay which allows your payment to be withdrawn directly from you checking account. You can also pay by writing a check and giving it to Carol Mose or Laura Alderman



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Celebrate recovery

Bi-Monthly Leadership Meeting:

Leadership meetings are held once every two months on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The next meeting will be Tuesday May 26 at 6:30 pm at the church.

All who are interested in helping with the weekly meetings are invited to attend the Celebrate Recovery leadership meetings.

“Celebration Station” and “The Landing”

Currently we offer a CR program for younger children called “Celebration Station”. We would like to add CR’s curriculum for teens, called “The Landing”. Both will meet during the adults’ Open Meeting and Small group sharing time, (7:30 to 9:00 p.m.).

We are looking for a volunteer (or Volunteers) who would be willing to take on the responsibility of running “The Landing” for teens in this area. Both “The Landing” and ” Celebration Station” equip our young people to handle life’s problems before life’s problems happen to them. Please contact the CR Ministry Leader, Ron C. at (989)-277-9076 if you feel led to this ministry.



We are a faith community which is more and bigger than our building. A church is not the building – it is the people, and we are dedicated, joyful, loving people who love the Lord our God SO much we build our ministries around relationships and making disciples for Jesus Christ. Our Vision Statement… Read more



Homecoming Festival

Durand First United Methodist church is celebrating 150-years of ministry with a weekend of festivities. September 25-27, 2015 you are invited to join them for their “Homecoming Festival! Friday night there will be an informal campfire at 6 p.m. and local talent providing entertainment. Bring your s’mores, a dish-to-pass, your talent, and roast a hot… Read more



8th Annual Buffalo Dinner & 6th Annual Tractor Show

Saturday, August 29, 2015 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tractor Show 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Blessing of the Tractors – 1:00 p.m. Tractor Drive – Time to Be Announced



Craft Days

Every Second Saturday Sept 2015- May 2016 10:00 a.m. -6:00 p.m. Bring any project you are working on and join the fun! Scrap booking, knitting, crocheting, quilting, etc. Saturday September 12, 2015 This is the first one of the season We will meet in the activity center at the church and are asking for a $10